Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sixty Nine

Time flies when one is having fun and I can so vouch for that. It's been 3 months since I moved to Mumbai and if we do the proper calculation, I've been here for precisely 69 days after deducting all the little trips out of India.

Much has happened since our holiday in Thailand, MC & I were off to Singapore immediately after for a week. There I caught up with so many good friends, ate till my hearts content, shopped and totally submerged myself into the whole Singapore experience (everything is clean, functional, orderly oh I've missed it so much).

Since returning to Mumbai, MC fell ill (I've since nursed him back to health) only to find myself having caught on his germs arghhh! Anyway this all happened before I managed to have some Holi fun! In simple words, Holi is a colourful festival whereby people play with water, coloured flour. It's akin to a very messy paintball session where literally everyone participates in. We were invited to 2 private parties, one in Quantum Park and another in Juhu. The former was hosted by an ex-Bollywood actor and the party was filled with a number of celebrities including former Miss Afghanistan (as I was told by my friend).  

The ammunition!

Below are 2 clips from the different Holi parties I had attended.

I'm also extremely delighted as I've recently met some really nice ladies that I can see myself hanging out with doing lots of girlie stuff with!

2 more sleeps before my parents come visit us here in Mumbai. It will be their first trip to India & we're looking forward to exploring other parts of India together. Stay tuned and I'll be sharing the highlights of our India exploration through my eyes....

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