Monday, 27 February 2012

My gutsy friend, Winnie

Today's entry is rather special for I will be covering a different topic, not of any adventures on India living but rather I will be featuring a guest blogger. Winnie Chen is a dear friend of 8 years now, and she resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A couple of weeks back, Winnie updated on Facebook that she will be doing her first stand up comedy performance as a personal challenge. That instantly created a ripple of reaction among us friends, all singing the same tune, rooting for her.

The show was on 9 Feb and had a good turn up of 300 people. For many of us who were unable to attend the comedy show in support of Winnie, we had asked for there to be a recording.

To make it more interactive, I had posed Winnie four questions and here are her answers.

Me: I think it's a very bold personal challenge that you have set and accomplished. I believe it started as a bet, so how much richer are you now? 
Winnie: Honestly, it was nothing more than a couple of people betting me RM 50 each. As the days grew closer, I tried to get more people to participate in this bet - I was greedy. Then as I get more nervous as the days were closer, I changed the "bet" to a "sponsorship", I was afraid that if I bombed, I would have to fork out money. :(

Me: Did you set back any challenges to those that betted against you? If no, hmm how about going back and challenging them?
Winnie: When the rules of the bet was defined, it was for me to last the whole set, being able to make people laugh. I was initially scared that it would be a 15 - 30 mins set. I was thankful that it was only a 3 mins set. I am happy I mostly made this a personal challenge more than just a bet. 
Now that the challenge is over, I did try to turn the tables and get them to do the same thing in the next Open Mic. Also made the same bet with all those who were (supposedly) helpful and giving me their jokes to tell. 

Me: Did you practice your jokes in front of anyone? 
Winnie: I wanted to. But nobody wanted to be my mock audience. They wanted to hear and watch me for the first time on stage. I finally did get to go through some pointers with some girlfriends who couldn't make it. Their feedback and tips were much appreciated. 

Me: Based on your personal experience and having seen various comedians, do you think it is easier for a male or female to be funny?
Winnie: I think the local scene is filled with a lot of male comics. There is a dire need for a female comedian who is not in character or flamboyant like Joanne Kam or BiBi Kepoh. You know, just a regular woman. It is of course, much tougher for female stand up comics. Men can easily talk about sex and drugs and race and it's funny. For a woman, it can be rather "un-becoming" to talk dirty, while being yourself. Hence, a lot of female comediennes are in character. eg, Joanne Kam.
For clean jokes, it is tough. Period. For male or female.

The video recording of Winnie's first Open Mic Stand Up Comedy!

Ok folks, so I'm sure after watching Winnie's stellar performance you would agree it was one heck of a performance done with such finesse. I personally think Winnie has great potential and should continue for she is a natural!

Winnie is a regular blogger who is very passionate technology, gadgets and does reviews on films, books and many more. Do check out her blog at  

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