Wednesday, 22 February 2012

High life of a beach bum

Today I'm blogging from Phuket, we are midway through our Thailand holiday. The weather is lovely, with bright sunshine all day long. Our daily routine involves going for breakfast and straight off to the beach for at least 5 hours of sun, sand and a swim. We are spoilt for a selection of beach with 3 close by, barely 10 minutes drive from our villa. The beaches here are pristine with superfine white sand, water is a blue-ish green hue with amazingly warm temperature.

Beach with crystal blue water 

Gorgeous view from my deck chair
Beach essentials
I'm still trying to be diligent with reading my Shantaram book. Made the purchase a week before the big move to Mumbai, pace of reading is shamefully slow, am only at page 130 hah! Have set a target to at least hit page 300 before I leave Thailand. Am learning some interesting facts of Mumbai e.g. the Standing Babas (men who have vowed to stand 24/7 irregardless of what activity they are doing). Will have to ask some of my friends if this is a fact or fiction. When the book gets to heavy, I have my reliable stash of girlie Grazia & Marie Claire magazines to turn to.

In between spending time at the beach, we have visited some sights namely The Big Buddha and some temple.

Reclining Buddha

Clay statues

The Big Buddha sitting majestically on top of the hill

We are enjoying our temporary 2 bedroom abode and it feels so nice to have a swimming pool facility once again. This time, one just within our personal compound.

Our Two Villa
Cozy interior

Private pool

After Phuket, Bangkok is next on the agenda. There it will be time for shopping, night life, shopping, eating & drinking, more shopping and personal grooming time.

Look out for my next blog post, I have something special in store guaranteed to make you have a chuckle or two after reading it. Stay tuned folks....

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  1. I picked up Shantaram few years back and didn't manage to even get through half the book and I gave up. It's a very good book but I didn't get the style of writing.