About Me

Welcome to Fuchsia Postcard - this blog serves to share my sojourning days in Mumbai. I was born in Malaysia and have lived in Australia & Singapore but nowhere as exotic as India! The reason why I'm here is as my partner (whom I will refer to as MC) was given a new role at work and after many discussions (and arguments) we decided while we can still relocate freely without too many restrictions, we had better do it now!

My writings mainly serve to share the experiences and discoveries that I make of this populous country as I have lots of curious friends who have not been here before. It's also a quick effective way of letting my friends know what's been happening in our lives without having to repeat it endlessly.

I will also strive to share the good finds I make be it restaurants, shops or anything under the sun. So thanks for dropping by, do stay on and follow me on my journey here in India.


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