Monday, 23 April 2012

Shattering Sunday

This was how my Sunday started - the 10ft x 7ft mirror we have in one of our corridors was shattered to smithereens, decorating the floor like pave diamonds and jagged pieces of ice shards. Upon closer examination I realised why - look at the back of the mirror and focus on the circled area. Yes, unfortunately the glass installers were not putting on their thinking caps when doing the installation. They had used transparent adhesive tape aka Scotch tape!!

And on the wall, there were rows and rows of neatly lined double sided tape !@*%$!?! So far I never had any major complains about shoddy local workmanship but here's the first! Thank god we don't have any little ones otherwise can you imagine if that ridiculous mirror fell on the baby???

This explains the weird crash-tinkling noise I heard last night. I was tucked in bed watching a movie and thought it was probably noise from the neighbours. It is indeed a blessing that this happened while I'm home alone (MC is still away on business) as he would have walked in the darkness to investigate and hurt himself very badly!

I rang reception, the Supervisor was aghast to see the accident scene and very swift in executing a clean up. 10 housekeeping boys came and proceeded to tidy up the mess. As majority of the mirror was still in a big piece, they had to break it down to more manageable-disposable size. They were very efficient and within 40 minutes the floor was spotless. In any case, I'll get the maid to do a good cleaning & hoovering again tomorrow. 

There are still lots of mirror/ glass walls around the house, oh dear. Perhaps we better start wearing crash helmets around the house....

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