Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sharing the sweets

We had recently acquired a new car and weeks before the car had arrived, MC informed me his staff were all expecting him to bring in sweet items for them in lieu of the new acquisition. I thought his staff were pulling the fast one on him but he said it wasn't so as when another colleague had gotten his new car, he brought chocolates for everyone.

Me being the avid baker decided to go for a more personalized touch and bake something. I baked a massive tray (20 x 20 x 3) of banana cake and some chocolate chip cookies (there must have been at least 200 cookies). Each staff was given a personalized pack of cookies. Baking was easy peasy but the packing and tying the personalized cookie packs was so time consuming! By the time I was done, my fingers were hurting from tying the knots.

The next day MC returned home from work being really popular. Everyone had raved of the cake and cookies. A few of his gullible staff actually believed him when he said the items were baked with love by him hah! (Mind you, this is the same man who up until today refuses to learn how to work the stove and how to set the microwave hahaha! In all fairness, the stove here has a weird setup - to turn on each hub a corresponding switch must be turned on beforehand)

Later upon googling, I understood better the reason behind this Indian belief/ practice. For the Indians, when there are major happy life events e.g. marriage, new birth or purchase of a new car, peda is given to the extended family members. The Indians believe  that distributing peda is symbolic to sharing of good fortune and happiness. What is peda? It's a cardamom flavored sweet made of out sugar & reduced milk. Don't think I've tried it, am not a fan of Indian desserts as I find them far too sweet.

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