Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Eating Around Mumbai

MC & I are big foodies, we enjoy good food and are always game to try new cuisines and restaurants. My gfs have been asking how the Indian food is here - honestly missies, I can't really tell as I've only eaten it twice in the 50+ days that I've been here. Once was at a baby naming ceremony where the vegetarian food was served and the second time at Ziya in Oberoi Hotel. Without a doubt, Ziya won hands down as the best Indian I've had here. Famous chef, Vineet Bhatia owner of Michelin star Rasoi London does consultation work for Ziya.

Ziya serves North Indian food and it's nothing like we've ever had. Even the simple pappadam was lovely and came with 3 types of accompanying dips (beetroot, green chili and chutney).

I ordered a makai dhingri mattar (a gravy based dish consisting of mushrooms, eggplant and peas) - it was a lovely, rich dish eaten with naan. MC ordered a raan mussallam (Indian leg of lamb) which was marinated for some crazy amount of days. Unfortunately I was too excited with eating, I didn't take any pictures of our main course. Everything from the food plating, utensils, decoration and the stunning view of the sea was perfect for our afternoon. Service was impeccable too with the waiter being attentive and sharp.

Close to Ziya's entrance there was the most gorgeous piece of furniture I have ever seen - a massive, solid iron chest! Unfortunately it wasn't for sale, just a piece of decorative item along the corridors of Oberoi.

Closer to home, our favourite local restaurant would be Olive Bar & Kitchen. It's a Mediterranean restaurant which is decorated predominantly in white with some splashes of blue (think Santorini). Our first experience there was for dinner and we were extremely impressed with the restaurant. I even noted that the menus were pristine (I've been to some restaurants, not mentioning names whereby the menus are dirty that I kinda feel disgusted having to touch it - mind you these are proper 5 restaurants, not some roadside place).

We have since been back for Sunday brunch at Olive Bar & Kitchen. There is a tarot card reader who offers her services at the brunch. Staff were also donning very appropriate tees.

In India, there are a lot of vegetarians here. Every second person I know of is one. In restaurants you will find the menu consist of equal amount of vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food. I love my vegetables so am quite happy to go sampling some of the interesting vegetarian items. Will share more on local delicacies next time round.

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