Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ready, steady go!

The India Assembly Elections heat is on, with barely 8 more hours till Maharashtra polling booths open! The streets in the past few days have been filled with politicians, campaigners and supporters organizing various rallies. Just when one thought the traffic in Mumbai couldn't get any worse hah!

We were out for V Day lunch and I was lucky enough to catch a procession taking place. I whipped out my camera to do some filming, and as you can see the supporters got excited and started slowing down and posing for my shoot which caused additional slow down in traffic haha! I felt it was wise to stop my home videos then.

The Government has declared polling day (17 Feb 2012) to be a bank holiday. MC is pleased for it gives him the opportunity to begin his packing for our beach holiday, due to kick off in 2 days time. The next time I write, I'll be sipping my sunset cocktails while basking in the sun. Sawasdee Krap readers.... 

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