Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Our theatre experience

On my second week in Mumbai, I got invited to go watch Mission Impossible 4 as MC's company was organizing an ice-breaking event. How excited I got for I'd only being doing boring stuff then (i.e. unpack, unpack & unpack). Ok in all fairness, our movers did a great job in unpacking. They emptied all the 180 boxes of our belongings and placed them in respective rooms. All I had to do was reorganize how I wanted my things - clothes arranged in colour order, kitchen utensils based on usefulness etc.

So anyway back to the movie, we were going to watch it at an IMAX big cinema. Got there in the nick of time, there was the typical rush hour traffic. We rushed in but as usual, had to go through the body scan procedure. Here it is a requirement to have your body scanned before entering most buildings. There will be two queues - 1 for men and another for women. The women would be required to enter a small curtained chamber where their bags are checked and body scanned by handheld device.

At the entrance of the cinema, the security guards were checking for an additional item - cameras! I had mine on me and had to remove the battery and place it with security for temporary safe keeping whereby they scribbled 2 identical codes on a piece of paper. 1 piece was for me, the other was secured to my battery with a rubber band. My battery was thrown into a drawer where there were many other batteries held hostage.

We rushed to the cinema and it was massive. The layout reminded me of circus seating layout. There were many levels and plenty of high steps with protective bars. We sat down and some music started playing. MC's colleagues informed us we had to stand as the national anthem was being played and projected on the big screen. The video featured speech and hearing impaired children "singing" the national anthem in sign language. You can check it out here.

Halfway through the movie, there was a 10 minute intermission - toilet break and chance for people to go order their snacks. All in all, the film was good. The IMAX cinema didn't have the most comfortable seats so we won't be going back to them. My friends say their cinema of choice is PVR so we'll try them the next time round.

Last weekend, we got a bit more cultured and went to a different type of theatre courtesy of our neighbour. His company had sponsored a Festival of Indian Music at NCPA. It was a performance by 4 well known Indian performers mixing traditional and modern instruments (tabla, bansuri (Indian flute), keyboard and percussion). The theatre was packed to full capacity and the crowd seemed to recognize many of the tunes played. Some were even seen swaying their bodies and heads in a mild hypnotic manner. It was a good cultural expose for us newcomers.

We finished the night of with a great Spanish dinner at Amadeus, housed in the same building. MC & I shared 4 appetizers and 2 desserts and were very impressed with the quality of food. I also felt that the restaurant was the most grandeur looking non-hotel restaurant I have seen in Mumbai. We were very lucky to have gotten a table without any reservation as as the night progressed, every single table was taken up. Later I found out CNNGo had listed it as one of Mumbai's best new restaurants for 2011.

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