Friday, 20 January 2012

What a long day it was!

I was invited to an Indian church wedding yesterday that was due to start at 9:30am. Got there only to find the church was empty! Apparently it was delayed (reason unknown as only the church caretaker was around). He said it could start anytime between 11am to 1pm. I patiently sat there alone with a full bladder and my stomach was beginning to rumble.

Told myself if by 11am the wedding doesn't begin then tough luck, I'm leaving. Out of nowhere, I heard someone say hello to me. It was 2 school girls coming to chat with me. I was pleasantly surprised by their boldness and friendliness and entertained them. The girls had come to church to pray before going for their exam.

Martina & friend

As I was bored, I decided to go for a walk with them to check out their school, which was just in front of the church. There I was introduced to their other friends who all were very curious and started throwing me lots of intelligent questions e.g. was I from China, what was the exchange rate for India Rupee and Malaysian Ringgit and many more. The kids were more than happy to pose for me so here are some shots. Thankfully because of them, I managed to kill time and got entertained.

In the end, after spending a couple of minutes with the school children the wedding started. What was meant to be a wedding of an hour became one of six hours long!!

I'll tell you more about my first Indian wedding experience in another entry. Will be heading back to Malaysia tonight for Chinese New Year, am so excited!

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